That DJ Made My Day!

We have been in the business for many years. Music styles have come and gone, and although we have performed at countless events, we prefer to focus on playing the music that make people want to dance. We love nothing more than feeling the energy from a dancing crowd while listening to their favorite music.

Music has always been a huge part of our lives. Even as a children, our parents' record collection was sometimes more important to us than the playground. The rock gods of our youth were Led Zepplin, Prince, and Michael Jackson, who back then came to life through the spinning vinyl record. Today, our complete music collection is stored on a small hard drive that fits into our pocket. This way, we can play the right song for the occasion - keeping the dance floor packed.

With our years of experience, we have not only become music experts, but also experts in organizing events like Weddings and Quinceañeras. We provide our clients with advice about how to plan the itinerary, and moderate the event. We have also met many reliable vendors over the years that can help make your party into a success. Just let us know how we can help by filling out the Contact Form. Let's discuss the details of your event.

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